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Zine Suppository
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David Kerekes and Headpress are collecting fanzines for the Zine Suppository.

The small press is dying. Few people are bothered now to go to the time, trouble and expense of printing hardcopy zines when a blog on the internet can do practically the same job with fewer overheads.

But blogs aren’t zines, which is why Headpress has established the Zine Suppository.

The Zine Suppository means to collate information on the world of zines, particularly the more maligned and radical examples, with a view to documenting these publications and the culture of which they are a part.

Past and present, it doesn’t matter. We encourage zine people to send us zines, along with some background information. Simply click on the image on the left to open the PDF questionnaire, fill it in, print it off and enclose it with your zine.

If you encounter any problems with the form or simply want any further information, contact us here.

Material submitted to the Zine Suppository is for research purposes and will be used to that end by Headpress. Material may appear in the form of a review online or in print, with credit to the owners.

Feel free to circulate this information.

Click here or the image
above to open the pdf form.

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Good to see this.
. --Excellent
I looked into something similar myself. There only exists a few academic papers on zines to my knowledge and a few books. Dr Wertham wrote one way back. None really cover the so-called hatezines or more extreme zines of the nineties. Answer Me! being a prime example, but there are others even lower on the radar.

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