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What we mean when we say no ISBN
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From the editorial of HEADPRESS 2.5

by David Kerekes

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A CIP catalogue record for this book does not exist.

That’s not a phrase you will see printed in a book often, but it’s printed here and it applies to this book and I’ll tell you why.

Headpress has a broad back catalogue of book titles (you should peruse it; stocks are low and dwindling), with several new titles lined up that are among the best we have produced. These are good titles, with something fresh and interesting to say. Yet, to sell a book a publisher must compromise, particularly the independent publisher; the few that are left. A mass market product that finds its way into shops and onto Amazon is not often the product the publisher would want it to be. It might be close, but ultimately it’s a commodity and treated as such. The epub revolution is evidence of this. Headpress have always tried to dress its message well, but under epub technology, where the size of the megapixel is paramount, that means nothing.

Of course, shelf space in the bookstore is paramount, too, and yet the book industry is geared to filling it with the same old stuff regardless.

Almost the opposite is true of Amazon; everything is on Amazon. Prior to printing our most recent title, Hip Pocket Sleaze, a seller on Amazon was offering it for no less a price than £500,000 (plus p&p).

Everyone uses Amazon, because it’s cheap and convenient. But what of the book that cannot be found on Amazon or on the bookstore shelf? What if that book doesn’t conform to industry regulations, deliberately choosing not to have a CIP catalogue record, no subject code, no ISBN number?

Without an ISBN number, a book does not appear on any database so in effect it does not exist. But you are holding it in your hands, this limited edition that is individually stamped.

Welcome to the revolution. 

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