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Stephen Milligen has written articles on American history and popular culture for the Irish Journal of American Studies and about the adult film industry for Headpress. He published part of his Phd. thesis as Better to reign in hell (2006), and, still fixated with sex and violence, his follow up The bloodiest thing to happen on screen (forthcoming) dismantles the snuff movie myth. Needing a change of scene his next research project in a study of Irish giants in eighteenth and nineteenth century popular culture.

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Credited with superhuman intellect and abilities, the serial sex killer emerged in the 1980s as a dominant figure in American popular culture. Using government reports, trial transcripts and correspondence, Better To Reign In Hell: Serial Killers, Media Panics & the FBI by Stephen Milligen, examines the people and events that led to and perpetuate a serial killer panic, notably President Ronald Reagan, the New Right, the FBI and the media. More about this item»

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