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Remembering BBC2 Horror


  The BBC 2 Saturday night HORROR DOUBLE BILLS ran each summer from 1975 to 1981. Go to the full schedule.

  If you have a fond memory of the BBC2 horror double bill and would like to share it, please drop us a line here.


Leigh Bushell  I have fond memories of the 'Dracula, Frankenstein & Friends' double bills in 1977. For each one I would be assured by my dad that it was 'the most frightening film ever made' only to find by halfway thru yet another 1930's classic that even at seven years old this was a bit of an exaggeration!

Rich Flannagan  I remember being shit scared watching The Beast With Five Fingers on my b&w portable in the kitchen. I usually fell asleep before the second film on the bill though

David Kerekes  The BBC2 Horror Double Bill was a very important deal at a time when British television was limited to three terrestrial tv stations (Channel Four had yet to air), and none of them seemed to care very much for fantasy or horror films. No one in my household cared very much for fantasy or horror either, but nevertheless Saturday night was given over to the double bill because I was so crazy keen on watching it. I don't think I missed many of the films throughout its entire run of seven seasons. White Zombie and House of Wax were a couple I did miss, but in this instance only because the telly imploded during the opening few minutes of White Zombie and the picture disappeared. What is an old creaky, very dark b&w film suddenly became a pitch black film. Fitting really.

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