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One Morning in Memphis

Good afternoon. So sorry it's late. I'm very hung over indeed. That's all I can say.


El Rey x


Elvis sat in the ragged arm chair in the middle of the room. It was by far the comfiest chair in the room. The years of wear and tear had done nothing to spoil its quality. The upholstery might have seen better days but as a sitting in and relaxing in thing it couldn't be beaten. In front of him was the coffee table. It was the one that Carl had been given on his twenty first birthday by the Killer. It already had whisky burns on it then. Jerry has suggested he could sand it and varnish it and it would be good as new. Carl liked it as it was.

Elvis put his glass on the coffee table and checked his wrist watch. It was 4am. He was still wide awake and still drunk. So was Carl. Carl was playing records one after the other. Blues records, ballads, country and do wop. Occasionally he and Elvis sang along.

"This stuff wears me out," said Elvis. "Someone should come up with somethin' new. Breaks my heart hearin' kids singin' God damn ballads."

"I'm with you on that one El," said Carl and put Frank Sinatra on the turn table.

At 4.30am there was a knock at the door. Elvis tried to stand up but too much whiskey had rubberised his legs and he collapsed laughing in the arm chair. The door flew open regardless and Jerry Lee marched in with a case of beer, a bottle of whiskey and three very young girls in tow.

"Hey Killer," slurred Elvis, "Why so late? Who's the dames?"

"Mornin' Jerry Lee. Shouldn't your cousin be in bed?" said Carl.

"Shut your filthy mouths you cock suckers and listen up!" shouted Jerry Lee, "Charlie's done it! Fuck me, if that skin and bone nigger hasn't fuckin' gone and done it!!" he screamed.

"He's done what?" asked Elvis.

"He's only gone and got a God damn record in the top ten," Screamed Jerry Lee, "Singing that God damn voodoo music too. Some old tune he pilfered from one of them so called blues men that hide out in the woods yonder."

"Fuck me!" said Carl.

"Yeah, fuck me too!" said Elvis.

"Yeah. Fuck us all. Maybe there is hope for you and me." Said Jerry Lee.

"If Charlie can do it there surely must," Said Elvis.

Jerry cracked open the bottle of 'sipping' and passed it around as they toasted their friend.

"To Mr Berry," said Jerry Lee.

"To Charlie," said Carl.

"To Chuck," said Elvis.

Elvis somehow managed to drag himself to his feet. "Gotta get home I'm way too out of it. If I'm to continue drinking I should do it in my bed. No offence Carl, this chair is mighty comfy but if I fall asleep here it won't do my back too good none. 'Scuce me ladies," he said and stumbled out of the kitchen door into the yard. They heard the gate slam as he made his way back to his tar paper cabin at the end of the alley.

"Shit." Said Jerry Lee, "I only just got here and he's already done himself in. That guy is fast becomin' a wasted talent."

"That's Elvis for you." Said Carl

Out front there was a rumbling sound as a huge car rolled up and stopped. A few seconds later the door flew open and there was Chuck, holding a bottle of Champagne, all smiles and big collars. "I done it boys. I fuckin' done it!" he screamed.

"You did it Charlie man." Said Jerry Lee.

"Who'd have believed it?" said Carl.

"Hey where's the King?" asked Chuck. "Thought he was comin' round."

"Elvis has left the building." Said Jerry Lee

"That boy'll amount to nothin'" said Chuck

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