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North Korean Trash
Johannes Schönherr, author of the Headpress book Trashfilm Roadshows, is one of the very few western authorities on North Korean cinema. Here in this two part film he talks about the events surrounding his time at the North Korea Film Festival (where he was one of only two guests), and the people and culture of North Korea.
Schönherr is also one of the subjects interviewed in Dark Stars Rising by Shade Rupe.

Part Two
Part One

Dark Stars Rising: Conversations from the Outer Realms by Shade Rupe is a collection of 27 candid interviews spanning 24 years with unique and free-thinking artists. Working in different media, countries, constraints, and freedoms, the vortex here is created by New York film writer Shade Rupe, known for his avant interests and the cultural realm he inhabits with his Funeral Party books. Everyone in this collection has produced artifacts that affect the heart, mind, soul, and future. Buy the book»

Trashfilm Roadshows: On the Road with Subversive Movies by Johannes Schönherr. No place too distant or too strange that Schönherr cannot screen or hunt down obscure underground trash movies. From the bowels of New York’s Lower East Side to Moscow on a fake visa and Pyongyang, North Korea. Buy the book»

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