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New Gods And The Exploration...

by Frequency 435
Review by Stephen Sennitt

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This small book is one of the most densely layered and closely argued things of its kind I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Such precision and rationality does the author, Frequency 435, great credit, as he is mapping mostly unfamiliar territory here; taking Kenneth Grant’s conceptualization of the Nightside of the Tree of Life (first covered in depth in the most important occult book of the twentieth century, Grant’s Nightside Of Eden) and focusing on the Tree’s Middle Pillar and how its archetypes interact with their demonic counterparts.

In doing this the author manages to be both ingenious and methodical, providing a thorough and entirely appropriate investigation; in that the subject matter under discussion calls for the touch of an expert detective, as it is a matter of working with ‘negative evidence’. In this respect the author treats his qabbalistic arcana and mythic archetypes like a Sherlock Holmes sifting through the amassed evidence in order to isolate the one item of data that, no matter how improbable it appears to be, is the only one that explains the mystery.

In other words, Frequency 435 provides a clear and rational exegesis on things more normally sensed by those perceptions usually considered to be ‘non-rational’, such as intuition and clairvoyance, or oneiric states of varying kinds. Here is proof, provided by a scientific and logical methodology, that the other, darker, weirder world of the Nightside, which has always been suspected to exist and has been encapsulated in mankind’s myths, lore, legends and collective nightmares, has a clear and definable actuality.

It is in this sense that this book is highly recommended.

In addition, the author provides some brief but compelling contextualization beyond the Typhonian-Thelemic nexus in the form of The Process Church of the Final Judgement and theistic Satanism, and also provides two versions of Nightside sex magick workings based on the IX and XI degrees of the O.T.O. While these rituals look in print as though they would be potentially effective (at the very least on a psychological level) unfortunately nothing is mentioned about the specific qliphothic Liber 231 sigils or the use of kalas in ritual as outlined by Grant, which seems to me a much more powerful and expedient method of investigating the Nightside than Frequency 435’s more general approach.

Interestingly, the author says in the letter which accompanied my review copy of his book that he has found many correlations between his investigations and the schemata outlined in my Liber Koth – this is very much the case, though my investigations at the point when Koth was first published were much less rigorous than what is on offer here. Also of interest is his remark about the funnel-like energy fields which obtain through Da’ath and through the various loci of the evolution/involution process he identifies at its apex and nadir as the twin facets of Satan, in ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ aspects.

The only other writer I’ve come across who explicitly stressed the importance of this Da’athian ‘funnel effect’ was Gareth Hewetson-May in Dark Doorway of the Beast.

No greater praise can be given than to say The New Gods and the Exploration of the Nightside is on a par with that influential and much sought-after book.


The New Gods And The Exploration Of The Nightside
Frequency 435, Nightside Publications, Seattle WA, 2010, 112 pp.
£10.99 (Midian Books Price)

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