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When it came to eating, Jason Touch had always been a voracious enthusiast. He loved everything and anything. From the delicate age of none he had gobbled down all that was set before him. As a baby he was far from a messy eater, always being careful to wolf down every last bit of whatever his mother cooked and pureed. As he grew so did his lust for culinary adventure and by the time he reached his teens he had pretty much eaten his self around the world albeit at the same table in his mum's kitchen.

Despite his appetite and love of food Jason Touch never gained weight. His mum put this down to good food served regularly in large portions. And maybe she had a point. Jason never was one for fatty food or those sugary sweets made from rendered bones. He had his fair share of chubby pals all of whom had various physical or psychological problems. His mother put that down to diet too. And she probably had a point.

Strange thing is that when Jason turned fifteen it all changed. He was probably the handsomest healthiest boy in his year... maybe the whole school. He had some pretty cool friends and always had a girl by his side. He was centre forward for the school soccer team despite being a year below the rest of the players. He was over achieving in every subject. He had a weekend job and was saving for his future already.

Then one Sunday morning his mum made him a full English breakfast and a pot of tea. Jason came down looking tired and began to shove his food around on the plate. He ate a mouthful or two and pushed the plate away.

His mum asked him if he felt ill and he told her he felt great. He just wasn't hungry and hadn't slept very well. She suggested he went back to bed and she would cook him a nice lunch. He went upstairs without saying a word. He didn't come down for his lunch and by teatime his mum was thinking of calling for the doctor. It was six o'clock, the nights were drawing in and it was already dusk. She heard him moving around upstairs.

She listened and was sure she heard him crying. She called to him and he said he was OK and that he was very hungry and would be down in a minute. Sixty seconds later Jason Touch tore down the stairs covered from head to toe in thick brown and grey hair, his mouth a veritable butcher's tool-rack of sharpened white fangs. He ripped his mother to shreds with savage abandon, before eating virtually every piece of flesh from her bones and leaving the blood soaked house for good.

A year later he was working in Hollywood California, head of genre movies for Universal Studios. Amongst his close friends were Boris Karloff whom he's met on the airplane travelling over to the US, Bela Lugosi with whom he had shared a hooker pipe with at an opium den in the back of a house on Mullholland Drive and Lon Chaney Junior who had let him flop at the back of a drug store come liquor store that he owned near Venice Beach.

Jason took the fall for Chaney during the final scene of The Wolfman in 1945. No-one knew it was him under the make-up and no one knew it was a real silver bullet. He had eaten Chaney's stand-in the night before and decided enough was enough. Chaney had got messy the same night and didn't turn up for make-up. Jason told the make-up team he wanted to be in a movie but didn't want anyone to know. He was a big enough wheel for them to believe him.

It has since been alleged that Claude Rains had begun to ask Jason difficult to answer questions. Ralph Bellamy organised the funeral and did it quietly. John Carradine oversaw the probate. Not even Babylonian author Kenneth Anger got to hear about it. Jason Touch was brushed under Tinseltown's golden carpet with barely a Chinese whisper and his memory erased forever. Those god damned vampire's certainly know how to cover their tracks.

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