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July 5, 2009

Good gracious morning to all and each every one of you individualistists. The Sunday story is back at last for I have now moved to new abode with sunshine, park, garden, children, and dongle. Unfortunately I no longer live with the most beautiful woman in the world but at least I did.
Hope this short flight of fantasy whets your appetite for fun a games in the glorious sunshine provided courtesy of all the worlds non existent gods that have put in an alleged appearance throughout history. May you bush burn brightly and may the rusty rum drenched sailors bowed and bruised legs rest in peace.
My new address is:

You are all welcome to drop by and if it coincides with meal time I might even feed you.
Love and speckled eggs.
Ricardo El Rey xxx


It just fell into my lap. From nowhere Honest. It just landed slap, bang in my lap. Clear blue sky. Nothing overhead. It crash landed from heaven to my lap.

It was about two inches long and a good inch wide. It was like a fat beetle with claws. It was pink and shiny. It looked wet. Smooth. It turned over and its back was all hunched up, covered in thick black Elvis hair. It began to scuttle about on my legs, which freaked me out so I batted it off my lap and onto the path where the kindly old man with asthma and a wooden leg who lives on the corner squashed it into the rag tag tarmac as he said ‘good morning.’ Within seconds a young potential road-kill golden Labrador bounced to a stop, sniffed it and ate it up then pelted off after a squirrel.

I have absolutely no idea what it was.

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