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Johnny Strike wrote songs, played guitar, and sang for the first-generation San Francisco punk band CRIME in the late seventies and early eighties. The group released three singles. (Strike’s song Hot Wire My Heart was later covered by the band Sonic Youth on their Sister album.) Following CRIME’s disbandment, a full-length release, San Francisco’s Doomed, came out in the early nineties (rereleased by Swami Records in 2004), expanding the band’s listenership and popularity. CRIME reformed in 2007, playing at festivals, and releasing an LP Exalted Masters, as well as a split-single collaboration with the Moroccan band Gnawa Express. Strike also plays in an experimental, splinter project with members of CRIME called Remote Viewers.

Strike is the author of the cult novel Ports of Hell and the collection of short stories A Loud Humming Sound Came From Above. He has penned articles and conducted interviews for Headpress, and published short fiction in Ambit.

Additionally, Strike has worked at various times as a counselor at a methadone clinic, a cab driver (Madonna was one of his fares), and a pet sitter. He lives in San Francisco’s Chinatown with his wife Jane and their family of stray cats. His interests include cigars, cannabis, Masonic and occult rites, reading a variety of novel genres, and traveling in Morocco and Mexico.

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A novel that borrows from all the pulps, including crime, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and horror. Ports of Hell by Johnny Strike tells the story of Jamie Coates, a young man who falls in with Elias who claims to be from Lemuria. On Elias’ instructions, Coates travels to Thailand and Mexico, and later Hawaii and Sri Lanka, acquiring brutal enemies and caught in a struggle that threatens his sanity and life. Conspiracy themes and the picaresque are in play throughout. Click here for more information»

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