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Image cover bachelor pad "Can you judge a person on their paperback collection?"

Find out in this interview with Hip Pocket Sleaze author John Harrison in Bachelor Pad Magazine No 20.

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Image cover shock cinema Image hip pocket sleaze thumbnail shindig
"A unique glimpse into a popular publishing niche that's too often ignore or marginalized." Steve Puchalski, Shock Cinema (No 42)» "Hip Pocket Sleaze's journey through the history of pulp fiction goes far beyond the world of flesh peddling." Iain McIntyre, Shindig!»

Image thumbnail hip pocket sleaze bizarre
"They don't come much cooler than Hip Pocket Sleaze."
'Sleazy Reads,' two-page feature in Bizarre

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Image thumbnail spectacular optical Image cover little shoppe of horrors
"Hopefully my ‘personal interest angle’ worked and you are now all dying to read about what perverse pleasures lie between the pages of this weird and wonderful tome..."
Kier-La Janisse on Hip Pocket Sleaze
"The sexual revolution hadn't yet hit. And for many, it never would... John Harrison has hit it out of the park with this book."
Little Shoppe of Horrors»

Paperback Parade
Read the full review and the Paperback Parade interview with Hip Pocket Sleaze author John Harrison here»

"People interested in the world of adult paperbacks and trashy novels (most not really porn) have had to glean information from obscure journals, and quite a few of those accounts end up in John Harrison's excellent book. But there is also a tremendous amount of original research. You'll find checklists, writers, artists and publishers. It's really a look back at the way America used to be, back in the days when it was possible to be sleazy; now, all the strictures of society have fallen away. What's taboo anymore? This is a wonderful examination of a time when our morality was delineated by what we kept under the counter or in plain brown wrappers. This book is a great resource for both the collector and the social historian."

Ralph Vaughan, publisher Greenleaf

Image thumbnail paperback fanatic
 "The finest book yet on its subject matter. Buy it!"
The Paperback Fanatic
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Image thumbnail grounded mag
Image thumbnail horrortalk
"A highly entertaining insight into an emotionally charged world that fulfils fantasies on many different levels."
Carl Abrahamsson, Grounded»
"An in-depth look into a pre-internet era where sex was only mentioned behind closed doors."
Steve Pattee, Horrortalk»

Image logo bookshow

Listen to the 'Lure of Vintage Adult Paperbacks' - author John Harrison on ABC radio national's The BookShow»

Image thumbnail antibacterial pope Image thumbnail mr skin
"Props given to Mr. Harrison for this huge undertaking, highlighted by Headpress' always beautiful page layouts and rare book cover art. Any book lover will eat this one up in no time." Nick Cato, Antibacterial Pope» "Immerse yourself in the world of sleaze with the pied piper."
The Mr Skin skinterview with John Harrison»
Image thumbnail orb editions Image thumbnail polari
"A pervert's bible kind of trip, surely destined to become (or already be) a standard reference work." Mark Reeve, ORB Editions» "This compendious work contains everything (and to my taste, rather more) than one could ever want to know about the esoteric, not to say erotic, world of ‘pulp fiction’." Tim Bennett-Goodman, Polari Magazine»

Image thumbnail cover hip pocket sleaze

Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks by John Harrison charts the rise of sleazy pulp fiction during the 1960s and 1970s and reviews many of the key titles, The book takes an informed look at the various genres and markets from this enormously prolific era. More about this item

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