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Frankenstein and The Flood

Happy All Hallows Day,

And to the the bona fide saints amongst you congratulations on rmaking it through another year of immortal notoriety.

I have beed working on a two sunday Stories this week but neither are ready. And will all due respect I would not dream send of sending you lot stuff that I consider to be sub standard. Therefore I have attached a childrens poem I wrote about 18 months ago. In keeping with the spirit of Halloween (thee most important festival of the year) it is a classic horror story. I have been told by parents who have read it that it is too scary for kids. But what the hell do parents know? I've also attahed a poem that I recorded as part of a song with Razor Dog. It's suitably irreverent.

Thanks to everyone who attended my Spooktastic gathering last night. To quote the immortal words of Donald Shoenstien aka 'Boon' it was 'Unbelievable. A new low. I'm so ashamed.'

So Tally Ho me pals and palesses

"Be afraid. Be very afraid" (Veronica 'Ronnie' Quiafe.1986)


El Rey x


Few people know the awful truth

That lies within the east wing walls

The home of Baron Frankenstein

The maddest scientist of them all

Where for a dozen years or more

He's never left the mighty tower

In which he's built a huge machine

To harness lightening' fearsome power

Where on a marble slab is strapped

A grim genetic work of art

A human creature cold and still

Made from stolen body parts

For weeks the Baron studies clouds

As he awaits the perfect storm

The force that will fulfil his dreams

And make the creature's grey flesh warm

He's no idea the grave-robber

Did not sell him a normal brain

Instead he took it from the head

Of a murderer who was insane

At midnight as the thunder cracks

And lightening strikes the metal rod

The Baron sees the creature blink

And thinks that he's becoming god

A second bolt of lightening strikes

It overloads the huge device

The creature screams and breaks the straps

As flames dance in it's frightened eyes

With open arms Frankenstein speaks

'Come to me, my first born child'

The creature rushes to the Baron

The fear of fire has made it wild

'Be calm my son' the Baron says

And holds the creature close to him

'Bad father' growls the hideous thing

And rips the Baron limb from limb

And through the night the fire it raged

And by first light the worst was done

They found the Baron's bones that day

As for the creature it was gone!


Was on a stormy summer's dawn

They tied me to my shed

They dragged my old dog outside

And they shot him in the head

And pretty soon the crows had come

To pick his leathered flesh

But still I didn't shed a tear

And nor did I confess

At dusk they tired of beating me

And left me there to die

I lay down in the blood and dirt

And wished that I could cry

I didn't move for seven days

I didn't scream nor curse

Cause everything was dead to me

And life had done its worst

I crawled towards the rotting hound

And chased away the crows

I tore a hole into his side

And reached between his bones

Ripped out his heart and there and then

I ate the rancid meat

And struck by some unholy force

Was lifted to my feet

Although I'd never killed a bird

And rarely had transgressed

The thirst for retribution

Came and put me to the test

And though I struggled with my soul

I found no peace of mind

To hell with those that done me wrong

To hell with all mankind

The rain began at noon that day

And washed away my dog

By evening all the countryside

Was nothing but a bog

The rivers burst their muddy banks

As lightening fought the dark

And livestock died where once it grazed

No time to build an ark

I climbed up on my shed roof

With some whisky and a gun

And stared with eyes of wonder

At the damage I had done

By midnight I was set adrift

And floated t'wards the town

I heard the screams from miles away

I guess they hadn't drowned

The sea wall had been breached

So now everything was one

The sharks arrived before first light

The smell of blood was strong

And as the screaming died away

The rain began to cease

And as the morning sun rose

I was filled with righteous peace

The water it was all but gone

As quickly as it came

I sat there drained of anything

Too tired to take the blame

I finished off the whisky

And I thanked the lord for rain

Then put the gun into my mouth

And blew apart my brain

Now vengeance is an ugly thing

Too beautiful to see

And evil has a heart of gold

And gives it up for free

But if you cross that line my friend

You'll have to pay the fee

Cause sure as hell your heading down

To sit here next to me.

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