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Got a busy mroning tomorrow and I didn't want any wrath for not sending my story. To be honest 'Devil' is not a story at all. It is a piece of information. Do with it what you will.

It was written during a period of intense happiness and inspiration. I was looking for stuff to write about all the time and was encouraged to do so. Since then I have written almost every day. I am grateful.

The other, 'Dental', is a very short story written around the same period in the early hours. I read it and I know how much fun life was at the time. Again thank you for inspiring me. Although decorum prevents me naming you here I am sure know who will you are.

This stuff may be weird to some of you but for me it's just a bit of fun.

Henjoy x

Ricardo El Rey

DEVIL (AD45 -present day)

The best-known geezer in the world. And probably the best loved. He has so many fucking forms it is virtually impossible not to come across him on a several-times- a day-every-day basis. Messiah's come and go, but the Devil is always ready and waiting. He is, after all, Legion. How cool is that? No one is exactly sure when he popped up but he wasn't documented until he became an important supporting literary character in the western world's longest running best seller of all time.

Cast out of heaven and allowed the omnipresence usually reserved for supreme beings, he could be absolutely anyone you're likely to come across, your boss, your teacher, your best friend, your dad, you sister, your dog walker, your mayor, your priest, your vicar, your nurse, your cousin, your child, your taxi driver, your favourite movie star, your gardener, your window cleaner, next door's window cleaner, your dentist, the lollypop man, the guy in the post office who makes you laugh, a lawyer (OK sometime it's easy to see him), the bus driver, the Avon lady, the bloke who used to live next door that works on the check-out at the supermarket. It goes on. You can be absolutely anyone and anything and still be the devil.

And so many names. Lucifer, Satan, Old Nick, Beelzebub, Diabolos, Belial, Iblis, Abbadon,  Diavolus, Mephistophelese, Iblis, Angra Mainyu, Baphomet, 666. Antichrist, Der Leibhaftige, Old Scratch, Voland, Sammael, Mastema, Prince of Darkness, Kölski, Shaitan, Daba.

So many kin, otherwise referred to as demons - estimates range from between 44,435,622 to 133,316,666 or around one third of the angelic population simply cast out to do mischief. Regardless of the numbers they include, to name but a few Jinn, Dantalion, Azazel, Lilith, Kabal, Medusa, Mammon, Shedu, Phenex, Haggadah Samael, Gremory, Dagon, Imps, the Nephilim, Rimmon, various incubi and succubi, Thren, Wendigo, Nix, Leviathan, Oni, Ah Pooh, Aamon, Ziz, Castor, Davy Jones, Valfar, Tengu, Thammuz, and good old Oriax, many of whom have been around a lot longer than Old Nick as it happens.



When I grow up I want to drive the dental ambulance. Perform roadside extractions, paramedical temporary bridges and emergency cavity plugs. A cordless drill in my hand, surgical steel pliers hanging on my tool belt, vials of Novocain and packs of softened silver in my work pouch. I don't want to save the world. I don't even want to save lives. I just want to drive fast, run red lights, smell of clove oil and put people at my mercy in pain.

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