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A Flat Or A House Somewhere
July 12, 2009

Good morning.

Boy it's breezy. But sunny too. Which is good.

I feel sure in my bones that a many of you will relate to this little essay on life.

Here’s wishing you a more than pleasant day and a whole week of adventures far beyond imagination and expectation.

Your friend and valiant scribe

Ricardo El Rey x


I was sat on the floor in a room at the back of someone's house. There were a lot of people in there. A lot of people for the size of the place. Most of them were drinking. Those that weren't drinking were smoking. Some of the people who were drinking were smoking too. Some smoked cigarettes, some smoked joints and there were two pipes, a chillum and a hubbly bubbly being passed round. A lot of hash. I was drinking. Not sure what it was. So much hash being passed around I got it into my head that the bottles were being passed around too. And they were. There was some vodka and some brandy. Some really shitty sweet whiskey. A big plastic bottle of tequila that came with little green plastic shot glasses. They got passes too. Beer and wine was generally motionless except from lap to lips. There was something they said was absinthe in another plastic bottle. It glowed bright green when you had a go on the hubbly bubbly. There were a few hats too. People swapped hats with bottles and pipes. Sunglasses and eventually spectacles were even being swapped. It was hard to tell what you were drinking or smoking or if it was dark or if you were going blind. You couldn't be sure who anyone was. It didn't matter. Everyone just ignored the ritual chaos and talked, told stories, joked, laughed, and filled the room to the gills. Once in a while you get a night to remember.

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